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The first stage of the treatment in dentistry starts by preventing the carries, then continues by stopping the carries before it becomes bigger or restoration of dental structure after cleaning the carries.

During the first visit, anamnesis (complaint and medical history) of the patient and radiographic examination of the patient helps dentist to give decision about either doing conservative or endodontic therapy.

The easiest conservative therapy is theadvancs which are given to patient for preventing caries. More common and well known therapy is the restoration of the tooth by filling materials.

In order to make a filling, tooth structure must have been destroyed (caries, abrasion, cahnges in color and structure, developmental anomalies, trauma etc.). The purpose of a filling is maintaining the function and esthetic again.

Different materials can be used for the fillings. Those are;

Composite Resins (Esthetic or White Filling),


Porcelain (Inlays & Onlays) .

Now a days amalgam (contains silver-silver coloured) fillings are rarely used. However Composite and Porcelain fillings which have natural tooth colour are more popular.

Rooth canal therapy is performed when the carries reached to the pulp chamber of tooth.