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What are dental implants?

Dental implants are medically pure titanium devices that are placed into the jawbone. They act as an anchor to provide a solid base for artificial tooth replacement.


Why are the screws made of titanium?

Titanium is used in other surgical procedures such as knee and hip replacements. Titanium has the unique property of fusing with the bone tissue through a process of integration, and therefore becomes like part of the body in the process. This gives the dental implant its extreme strength of attachment.


Implants in Dentistry

A single dental implant consists of 2 main parts.

The first part is the implant - a titanium screw, inserted surgically into the jaw bone. When this implant has healed (fused with the bone) the second part can be connected.

The second part is the abutment - this abutment or post, fits into the implant and passes through the gum. It links the implant with the choice of prosthesis. This might be a single tooth or crown, as illustrated above, or a multiple tooth bridge or even a clip-on denture.

When should implants be used?

The implant procedure



How long will an implant last?