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A broken tooth is repaired quickly, easily and inexpensively

Another method of handling esthetic problems is bonding. This technique involves placing a composite resin directly onto the enamel of the teeth to be added to or covered. Composite resin has the appearance and consistency of dough until it is exposed to a special light source. Although bonding can look as good as veneers.........they will generally not last as long.  

The broken tooth was restored with a composite (plastic) filling material. No anesthesia was required, no tooth structure was removed, and the result is an excellent restoration that improves the patient's appearance and self confidence!  


Bonding can significantly improve the appearance of a tooth and can usually be done in a single office visit.  Because the plastic is not as strong as tooth enamel, it can be chipped, or broken, and is more likely to pick up stains than natural teeth.   Bonding usually lasts for three to five years before needing repair.